Wednesday, January 30, 2013

this weekend: first fridays at urban mining

first fridays in kansas city are some of our favorite ways to kick off a weekend.  we love to hit up the crossroads art district, grab some grub and get our art scene on.  but this time of year, it's hard to count on the weather to cooperate.  take this week for example:
monday: 72 & extremely sunny.  tuesday: 41 & extremely raining.  today:  17 and extremely annoying with a side of snow b/c mother nature loves you and knows you chose to live in the midwest.  thanks mom.

so when the weekend looks like it will be anything but predictable, there is another one of our favorite first friday features that we frequent:  urban mining - kansas city's original first friday weekend vintage market.

now, you know by now we love a good deal, especially a good vintage deal, and this is the perfect spot to find a whole lot of them.  whether you're looking for that perfect mid-century modern accent chair, a chic vintage dress or something just a little out of the ordinary to jazz up your home, you're going to find it at UM.

now i want to talk about this giant horse:

please do not think for a second that i will not be trying my hardest to convince the husband that there is a place for this cray-cray creature in our home.  sure, he'll likely take on a different color, but he is welcome here and i kinda love him already.

speaking of mid-century modern accent chairs:

i call her lady in red and she's about to be dancing with me.  cheek to cheek.

no matter what you're looking for, there is a good chance you'll find something here that you can't live without.  maybe you need a collection of dorthy thorpe mad men glassware, the new season is just around the corner afterall...

and since you're obsessed with the 1960s, maybe these two have a place in your home:

oh hello prestigious friend and accompanying fashion icon. in your current state, kind of scary.  but someone may love you and decide to bring you home and spruce you up...

maybe put you on a bookshelf or their bar cart...

maybe announce that you are just covered in paint primer and they are open to suggestions on final color options for you... 

i'm not saying who would bring them home and spray paint them, just that someone may... or possibly already did.

and if it's vintage jewelry you're after, you're sure to find that perfect piece for yourself or your vintage-jewelry-lovin'-bff on her 30th birthday...

so in review:  urban mining has some of the best vintage treasures in kansas city.  they are only open the first weekend of the month, so plan to check them out this weekend.  because if we've learned anything today it's that although you may want to hit the outdoor art scene on friday, it could very well be raining cats and dogs by then...or even large vintage horses.
(oooo fingers crossed!)

check 'em out:  urban mining. 3923 main street. kcmo.

* UM product photos courtesy of


  1. Hmmmmm.....John & Jackie. I like!

  2. funny - i never thought of that! :)

  3. I always want to go to Urban Mining, then never get around to it! I will have to just make it a plan and stick to it! Looks like my kinda place.

  4. Just a thought--maybe an "Oil Rubbed Bronze" spray paint for the John & Jackie busts? Something a little deeper and richer than their original....uhhh...."goldtone," was it? Not sure if I can post a link, but sorta like this:

  5. Hey there, Kelly! Checked out Urban Mining this weekend thanks to your post . . . loved every inch of it! I know it's going to be a first weekend tradition.


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