Wednesday, January 16, 2013

celebrate with us: 60 years, again.

in the span of one year, three of our parents are celebrating a 60th birthday.   last july it was evan's dad, next month is my dad, and january 6th my mom turned the big 6-0.  here are a few photos of our weekend in omaha, spending time with my mom, enjoying a fabulous meal, and toasting to the next 60 years.

happy 60th birthday mom!  we love you very much!

and... check out her origami owl locket - complete with tiny charms of all the things she loves and has experienced in life.

we chose a beautiful rose gold locket and chain, added the birthstone she shares with alex (born on the same day!) a bling-y letter "L" (for her triple threat:  linda lou lynch), a pink ribbon for her past and current fight, a tiny red heart engraved with "mom", a silver heart ingraved with "grandma", a diamond cross, and a purple gem - because triple L loves her some purple.
she was super excited and it was the perfect way to celebrate such a momentous milestone in life.visit this page for more info on how to build an oragami owl locket for yourself or a loved one.

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  1. Congrats to Linda on reaching this milestone. That "garnet" red is a great color on her and is very appropriate for a January girl! :-)


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