Friday, January 25, 2013

drink (& eat) with us: zocalo mexican cuisine & tequileria

this is a sangarita.  and today is friday.  and you are about to fall in love.

as my good friend donna summer would say:

She works hard for the money
So hard for it honey
She works hard for the money
So you better treat her right
Nine a.m. on the hour hand
And she's waiting for the bell
And she's looking real pretty

Just waiting for her clientele

we became her "clientele" over the summer and let me tell you, she might be the best little margarita around, trust.  chambord + sangria + margarita = love.

you can find her working hard at zocalo on the country club plaza in kansas city, and during happy hour, you can find her on sale.  plus another dollar off for the ladies.  holla!

of course, there is an extensive menu of mexican dishes and accompanying cocktails that you'll also find and really enjoy i am quite sure...

the salsa trio is a perfect partner to get things started.

 maybe you'll opt for the lobster tacos?

or the enchilada sampler, perhaps...

then you'll need the habanero polenta... 

and then a side of seasonal veggies... 

for my vegetarian friends, the portabello tacos with goat cheese are a win...

but don't forget about dessert... 

ps:  how much do you love these repurposed Patrón bottles as water pitchers?  

when dinner is done, you know you'll need another round of the tastiest margaritas you've ever had...

because it's friday, you worked hard this week and because you're worth it.  (and if you are reading this sat - thurs, the same applies.  no judgement here.)

check out zocalo in kc soon - we give it two very tipsy and tasty thumbs up.

T 816. 756. 5555

shout-out to some of the hardest working girls i know...

okay, now hook us up:  where do you go in kc for the best happy hour or margaritas?


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