Monday, February 25, 2013

two minute smoothies

this is reason #595 of why we love trader joe's and their all-natural, preservative-free approach to food. we have already professed our love on a number of occasions, and today we'll add one more reason to the list:  the two-minute all-natural smoothie.

we love smoothies but we know they can be a total time-consuming pain in the butt - but here is our quick solution for smoothies that you can make every single day.  this has become our go-to after school snack and even a super quick breakfast when we're running late because we've hit snooze three times after we stayed up too late watching GIRLS and The Mindy Project.  don't judge.

anyway the point is, we can hide all sorts of healthy stuff in these and make delicious snacks in 2 minutes flat.

step one:  get the green plant juice

there is not a single instance in life where we could convince alex to eat barley grass, broccoli or spinach, so these delicious treats get hidden in a ridiculously tasty trader joes jug.  100% juice.
no artificial colors or flavors - just pure healthy goodness.  thank you for always going au natural tjs.

step two:  greek yogurt

apparently yogurt isn't edible in our house unless it comes frozen and gets decorated with gummy bears, nutella and berries, so this is another little treat we hide inside - a tablespoon or two will do.

step three:  don't mess with fresh fruit

grab a few of these frozen bags of fruit from tjs and making smoothies just got super simple.  no washing.  no cutting.  no spoiling due to lack of use (not that you ever throw away produce because you wanted to eat really healthy and had the best intentions but opted for chocolate or pringles instead).  us neither.

step four is optional: 

we like to add a little scoop of trader joe's vanilla flavored whey protein - but you don't have to.

step five: get super sneaky

shh.... the kids don't have to know.  a little handful of these and you're almost done.

step six:  add it altogether

you don't have time for measuring so don't bother.  fill your cup up and make sure there is enough juice to partially cover your frozen fruit.

step seven:  you need a magic bullet 

we got this little sucker as a wedding gift and weren't really sure what to do with it.  why do we need a single serving blender with individual portion cups?  because we do and because it's awesome.  everyone likes a little something different and because the container doubles as the serving cup - we can customize each smoothie and clean up is a breeze!

step eight, nine & ten: blend, serve & enjoy

two minutes to a delicious and super healthy snack, and nobody has to know what's inside.

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