Saturday, April 23, 2011

Back Up the Party Bus

Before we blink and it's the month of May, we wanted to back up a bit and talk about March.  I had a big birthday this year.  You may have caught that in a previous post; and while I was dramatic about the milestone, I have to say it was one of the better birthdays I have had the privilege of celebrating.

You know what we like: Good food. Good friends.  And when those two things come together, we really, honestly couldn't be happier.

This story has a happy ending, but as dramatic as I was feeling, there was additional drama for the evening in store, or so I thought.

As we prepared to leave the house to eat, we got a frantic call from our friend Rochelle.  Rochelle is the mom of a little guy in Alex's class and we met her and her family this past summer before school began.  Meeting and making new friends is always pretty rad, and Rochelle and her fam totally fit the bill.  So when she called to let us know that her basement was flooding and she couldn't get the water turned off we didn't think twice about postponing dinner to race to the rescue.

Evan --- what a guy.  He raced around the house looking for the proper tools and with those in hand we raced out the door.   When we got to Rochelle's and there was no water to be found, I was completely moved to tears.  Walking into their home, I was greeted by master plan that had been unfolding for days--- a surprise birthday party dinner, for little ol' dramatic and now, very emotional me.

Having never had a surprise party, I can now officially say it has to be one of the most amazing things.  Somewhere, over the course of  several days, people I love were scheming and planning and sneaking around to make this happen, taking extra time to fine tune the details. It was beyond words.  I was truly moved and incredibly impressed with everyone involved.

Suddenly turning 30 didn't seem so bad.  If this is what the year has in store (and it looks to be) then I have to say, nothing could make me happier!  Really good food.  Really good friends.  And my amazing family.  It was a happy birthday, to me.  I mean, how can you argue with a day that involves all that?  Add in some red velvet cake and snapping this next photo at the end of the evening, and it was the perfect day to celebrate being alive and all the little wonderful gifts that come along with it.

So beautiful, these two, if I do say so myself.  

We continued the celebration into the weekend when a few friends joined us to do a little more celebrating.

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