Thursday, April 21, 2011

Jenna Jellyfish

Alex wants to change her name. 

I think all little girls go through this at some point.  I know I did.  Ellie.  I wanted to be Ellie.  Then Stephanie for awhile.  Then I was happy with Kelly.  At some point, I think she'll be okay with Alex.  At no point will I be okay with Jenna Jellyfish. 

She cried.


It's a tough question to answer in terms a 6 year old would understand.


More tears.

Okay, Jenna Jellyfish,  Can we call you JJ?  JJ, I can deal with. 

She nods. Then falls asleep. 




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  1. What is wrong with the name Jenna Jellyfish?!!! :-D


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