Tuesday, April 12, 2011

We're Alive....

...we think. 

We've been so busy lately it's as if we have ceased to exist!  We have touched base with friends in the last 2 days that we haven't spoken to since the Super Bowl!  So not okay! Anyway the hustle and bustle of everyday life has gotten the better of us and in the past few weeks we have traveled to New York City, traveled to Chicago, held some babies, taken apart the staircase to our third floor guest quarters, began reassembling said staircase ---oh yes that is currently happening!--- ordered wedding invites, bought a wedding dress (!!!!!), bought a smart phone (life is forever changed) interviewed a few more caterers, drank a keg of Boulevard Irish Ale, planted trees, painted quarter round, worked, worked and worked some more, fed some cats, learned to sing a few Black Eyed Peas and Lady Gaga songs in French, and done about a bajillion (real word alert!) other things. 

Needless to say, it's been a busy month so far and time just keeps flying! 

We of course know that we owe an update on all the items mentioned above and ---here it is again--- a bajillion other things and we assure you dear readers, those updates are coming!  So, just stick with us as we catch our breath, scratch a few more things off the to-do list and take a few moments to see what we've captured pictures of, so we can report back and share them all with you. 

It's already April!  Did we miss something?  It seems like we did - yeah, March!

So break out your sunglasses folks, spring is upon us and we barely saw it coming!

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