Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Here we come springtime!!!

Round one:  Team 26 East = ONE, terrible landscaping = ZERO!!  :)

After a year and a half of waiting for our baby spruce trees on the porch to come out of "dormancy"...we declared them dead on the scene last week and upgraded to some fuller, more alive-looking guys.  These boys came from CostCo's garden section and were a real bargain!

After we installed the beefy new dwarf spruces, we thought the end of the porch was awful bare so we picked up three 5' tall Arborvitaes...again from CostCo.  These guys were full and a deep green...and again, a bargain at less than $20/each!!!

Shot of the new/improved corner...notice the front flowerbed currently covered by weed barrier...ready and waiting...almost begging for some new shrubs or flowers.  Your turn is next!!

And finally a shot of the triumphant Queen Cherry Blossom!!!  Using our neighbor's yard cart, an old patio chair, a cherry tree limb downed by high winds (luckily the day before the city's springtime yard waste pickup!!), and a scrap of lumber (a.k.a. "wand") Queen C.B. assembled her chariot before being paraded around her kingdom (our house) by her humble servant (yours truly).  She was pretty darn pleased with herself.  :)  

Royalty or not...we think she's pretty dang cute!  ;)

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