Monday, July 9, 2012

ink magazine

a couple of days after the psa was shot in our home (more on that here), we sprang into action completing several house projects that had been put on hold because of it and because of, well, life in general.  we had good reason to get some things done - a date with ink magazine was just a week away. 

the timing was perfect.  the reporter and photog were in and out of the house in a little over an hour and two weeks later - on the morning of our one year wedding anniversary - our article hit newsstands around town and on the web. 

below are a few shots from the spread.  but you can check out the entire interview and see all the awesome pics they took here.  shout out to @Sarah_Gish & @kcjennhack of ink magazine / the kansas city star

we thought the piece turned out great and hope you like it too.  you may even notice several projects we completed last summer (the third floor!) that we haven't yet discussed on the blog - so stay tuned.  we'll be back with updates on some of those soon.

we've come a long ways since the beginning - take a look at the before & in progress pictures here. 

photos from ink kc magazine.  see more pics and the interview by clicking here.


  1. Oh my goodness, this was so cool!! Like I said the other day--you're famous! :) The interview was great, and your house is so beautiful. My favorite features are the hammock (how cool are those?) and the Boulevard tap. Congrats on this awesome article!

    1. thanks shea! you are too sweet! it has definitly been fun to see the magazine around town and know we're in it. such a fun experience! thanks for the tweet too! ;)


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