Monday, July 30, 2012

national picnic month

did you know that july is national picnic month?  i really didn't either, but i figured it out this past mothers' day when we took part in a picnic project at the nelson atkins museum of art.  you might remember from an earlier post that it looked a little something like this:

in celebration of national picnic month, the nelson invited the community back once the project was complete, to help create the world's largest picnic on their grounds.  so we packed a lunch from one of our favorite spots - the mixx- and headed there to locate our blanket, dine with the city, check out some of the outdoor exhibits, do a little crafting and watch the always adorable stone lion puppets put on a show:

i don't really know how happenin' the 'burbs are, but i can attest that living in the city and within walking distance to places like the nelson is among the top reasons we love kc and love our 'hood.  there is never a shortage of quality entertainment and educational opportunities that the nelson - and others - offer nearby.  best of all, many of the events are almost always free.  it was an absolute scorcher of a day but totally worth checking out.

have you been to the nelson lately?  tell us about it.  we'd like to hear what you love about it and what some of your other favorite places are in kansas city!


  1. looks like fun! your photos are great! I wish we had known about this event!

  2. thanks ngan! they always have such cool things going on and our daughter loves to go there and we end up having so much fun too. such a great place to have in kc.


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