Saturday, May 12, 2012

Cinco de Meatball & Andre

this is a really good story i assure you.

last year, somewhere around the 5th of may, alex asked when meatball's birthday was.  we honestly had no clue, but figured since we got him around the first week of june, and he appeared to be all of about 4 weeks old, it had to be somewhere around the first week of may.  mathematicians we are.

evan did another quick round of mathematics and surmised that andre had to be born at relatively the same time of year, several years prior, and thus "cinco de meatball & andre" was born.

its a lovely tradition where we treat ourselves and our only other friends who adore these animals as much as we do, to a mexican feast. don't think margaritas aren't a major part of this equation.  after dinner, we come home to indulge the cats in all kinds of shenanigans like...

dressing in drag:

enjoying a decadent birthday feast of canned tuna, glace ice cream and three dog bakery treats:

friends are strongly encouraged to take part in fun:

and a good time is had by all:

some party-goers however just can't seem to get enough:

its a festive tradition for our feline family members and an easy way to have a few laughs at their expense.

happy birthday meatball & andre.  another year older and you still look damn good in a bikini.

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