Tuesday, May 1, 2012

post prom

so our event that we have been gearing up for, evening in paris (old people prom), was this past weekend and as anticipated, it was a ton of fun.  you might recall the build up from this post and this post and again here.

the 1920s theme was uber chic and you already know how excited i was to rock it.   it was hilarious to see everyone all glammed up for the occasion and its always fun to kick up your four inch heels and get to know people in a different light.  the food - oh man the food! - is always top notch and the drinks just kept on a-flowin'.

there really isn't much to complain about other than a crushing loss of our class project during an incredibly loud and hectic live auction.  it went to a good home and made some money for the school, which was all it was intended to do really.  i have to say though, i was pretty bummed because i thought we had the winning bid and i was thrilled at the price and then i realized we didn't have it after all.  i blame it on the noise level.  i would have paid more to keep it.

the good news, on the other hand, is that we got this wild idea earlier in the year to start an annual tradition of a multi-family summer vacation.  three families and more kids than you could shake a firey marshmallow on a stick at.  sorta sounds like an error in judgement but could also be classified as pretty freaking epic for the kids and memories and whatnot.

anyway, all things related to the planning of such madness had been loose up until saturday night when, in a moment of insanity and spontaneous exhilaration, i shot up the winning bid scoring our three families an all-inclusive lake-house vacation for just $600!  more details on that to come, but for now, a quick photo recap of the event:

some of the silent auction items:

just a sampling of some of the amazing local fare:

the class project up for bid! 

us with alex's teacher: 

photos above courtesy of tiff matson photography.  to see a complete photo run down of the event, click here.

oh and i almost forgot, in case there was any doubt, yes, this happened a lot:

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  1. Love this!! Had a great time!

  2. Great Blog post! And what a fun night! One little comment though, not "Smugmug Photography." That's just the site that hosts the proofs. It's full of all kinds of photographers. I know it's confusing. It's actually Tiff Matson Photography that shot the event. But thanks for the link!!


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