Friday, May 18, 2012

like mother like daughter

a lot of people seem to think that alex and i look alike.  she's obviously mine, i saw it happen, but i rarely see the similarities.  there are some occasions where i'll catch a profile view of her and i can see a resemblance.  it usually happens when she's sleeping - that is when, to me, we look the most alike.

but every now and again even i can't argue that there are some similarities between us.

about two months a go i gathered with a group of people on world kidney day and posed for a photo op.  yep, that's me, front & center because, well,  that's the kind of crap i like to do.

then yesterday, the girls were posing for an end-of-year photo op at girl scouts and you won't believe who waited until the last second to take her spot down front...

even i couldn't deny the irony.

i guess we're alike in more ways than one and she likes to do that kind of crap too.  its kind of funny when you're a parent.  you wonder and worry about the things your kids will learn from you and carry with them.  i was having a conversation with some girlfriends today about whether or not our daughters would do the crazy things we did in our youth.  thinking about it inspired this post.

and also scared me half to death.

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