Tuesday, May 15, 2012

oh yeah...

my lil' brother graduated from college last weekend.

and in related news, my dad made what would have been a really nice pic of his kids, an even better pic of his kids complete with a photobomb.

we only managed to take about 4 1/2 pictures on this day and this is basically what we ended up with:

pretty lackluster but congrats anyway baby bro.  we failed you on the photo documenting, but you've done us proud on the growing into a smart, handsome and amazingly awesome dude.  we're super proud of you and love you tons.  i'd like to think all those years of sticking peanut butter on the roof of your mouth and aiding and abetting your massive fear of butterflies, really helped shape you into the man you have become today.

p.s. you can stop getting taller any day now.  we get it, you're all grown up.

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