Friday, May 25, 2012

watermelon ninja fruit kabob

oh what's this?  looks like a rubbermaid storage container with a little piece of fabric in it, an old sock perhaps or maybe a forgotten mitten that got left behind during winter clothing storage....




that my friends is an effing bat!!! aka a real-live vampire, aka a rat with wings, aka a murderous inhabitant of my living room that tried to decapitate me and murder my family and my kittens the night before last.  and i will tell you that although i may have rolled into a ball faster than a 1980s popple when it dive bombed my brain, my hero husband and those killer kittens of mine, were having no part of this burglar bat bastard.

that's right.  he may have swooped in via some currently unidentified location, but my three guys went gangbusters on his butt, trapping him in a plastic jail cell then condemning him to a momentary sentence of snapshots and shrieking.

want a closer look?  of course you do.

now, let's talk about a few things:

1. those creepy feet. i could have gone my entire life without ever needing to know and/or see proof that bats have creepy spider toes.  sick.

2. my cats can jump as high as the top of my windows and over my head if provoked.  impressive.

3. turns out that even though alex has claimed to be a giant fan of bats for a number of years, they are not as "cute" nor "cool" when flying through your house on nighttime suicide missions.  who knew?

4. this bat was given a name and it's watermelon ninja fruit kabob. bam!

that's right bat, you flap into our home with your circus freak feet and your murderous motivations and we'll release the felines on your ass, put you in a plastic flying mammal restraining device, photograph you and let our seven-year-old give you a stupid name.  because that's the way we get down around here.

now be sure to use those creepy finger-like-toes of yours to hand deliver that memo to your friends.

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