Saturday, August 18, 2012

dressed to grill

last night may have been the nicest evening in recent memory.  there was a slight breeze, a crispness to the air and all the proof i needed to know that fall is on its way. 

this necklace is in heavy rotation lately.  and after my friends at edit mentioned that i gave them the scoop on where you can find it at a massive steal - i have been getting questions about why i didn't spill the beans, or beads if you will, sooner.  

i mentioned my love for the yellow one back in february, but at $150 a pop - i knew my chances of ever owning these in the rainbow of colors they come in, was a pipe dream.  but then i stumbled upon several sellers on ebay offering an impressive replica at a price i can totally get on board with.  at around $14, a little variety is totally doable.  opt for the "buy it now" option and save yourself the drama of bidding war. 

i love this look - it's perfect for a late summer backyard soiree.

get it here:  dress & necklace

or replicate it for less, here:  dress & necklace

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  1. Thanks for all the love! Just got back from market in Dallas. It was absolutely amazing! Can't wait to post our first find on Tuesday. Hint: It would look great on you! Hope to catch up in person soon!


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