Wednesday, August 1, 2012

summer vacations in the making

we mentioned back in april that we secured the winning bid on a lake house weekend - at the lake of the ozarks - for us and two other families.  this past weekend, we were hosted by the incredible family who owns that house and began what i hope will be the first of many family-like summer vacations with our friends.

in one short weekend we shared birthdays, meltdowns, laughter, fish-hooks-in-feet, responsibilities and a four bedroom house.

seventeen - yes seventeen - of us were wonderfully accommodated and it was the realization of a dream that i envisioned over a year ago.  a group of friends, together, spending time and having fun, watching our kids make memories as they grow up together.  it was the perfect weekend.  every kid was everyone's kid, together helping out and helping make this summer vacation truly one to remember.

my hope?  that as they outgrow their youth, they look back and remember these moments as some of the best ones they had growing up.

as friends i think we grew closer as a new friendship developed with our hosts.

to the jordan-woodens: we can't thank you enough.  you were amazing hosts and the catalyst for our first family vacation together.

to amy: i think i speak for all of us moms when i say there is nothing funny about nine kids under nine years old, under one roof, but somehow we've never managed to laugh so hard.

for that and so much more, we thank you.

i guess what i loved most about this trip was that we didn't have to go far or spend much to have a truly memorable vacation.  i also love that of all the families involved, none of us are from kc, so together, we have become a network of support for each other.  much like a family but with far less drama involved.  :)

a lot has changed for me personally since alex has become school-aged with the biggest benefit being the shared experiences among friends.  it will be interesting to watch the kids test the waters of growing up, but for now, we're happy just letting them be kids... and watching them do cannonballs off the dock as much as possible. 


  1. Truly awesome photos Kelly! Thank you for posting and sharing. We had a wonderful time with everyone. - Hugh

  2. Kelly--you always have such a way with words. This post makes me smile and cry (good tears) at the same time. It was a terrific vacation for us.
    Love you all!


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