Monday, August 20, 2012

eat with us: gram & dun

let's eat locally for brunch, shall we?  

there is a fairly short list of places that come to mind when i think about who has the best spots for outdoor dining.  and when you have a weekend like this past one, temps in the upper 70s - lower 80s, a girls gotta have a grand go-to for grazing.  

i mentioned in this post that locally owned gram & dun, on the country club plaza, occupies one of the most coveted patio spots in town.  situated in the old baja 600 locale, you simply can't find a better spot for outdoor dining on the plaza.  add to the ambiance with the impressive menu by executive chef bradley gilmore and you'll see for yourself why this third addition to the locally owned bread & butter concepts family is worth checking out. 

cocktails your thing?  enjoy $5 cocktails from their sophisticated lineup of concoctions monday - friday from 3pm- 6pm.  

and if brunch is what you have you mind, let's get down to business with one of the best ways to start a sunday, or any day for that matter. 

i have to have coffee in the morning.  have. to.  have. it.  and sometimes a mimosa is in order.  now, we didn't order the bloody maria, but our bubbly waitress, miss britney, did insist on a little sample and let me tell you, that little maria was one spicy little mama.  there was something about jalepeno infused tequila - i'm not sure - i was really into my mimosa, but it was tasty.  next time maria, next time. 

what i did sink my teeth into was the Sweet & Salty French Toast.  Described as: hole-in-the-wall style: stuffed with egg, sesame bacon brittle, G&D fruit syrup.  

Now one piece of toast was missing an egg, but i was assured that was by design.  didn't matter to me though anyway.  two pieces was enough gluttony for this gal.  

either way, that was followed by a little taste of the Big Easy: Tasso ham, house-made sausage, poached eggs, Cajun hollandaise, Wolferman's English muffin.

onto the Potato Pancakes: goat cheese, apple-onion chutney, créme fraiche.

and nicely finished off with a bite of the Not-So-Huevos Rancheros perfect Scotch egg, chorizo stew, Not-So-Standard Potato Chips, jalapeño, cilantro.

(random sidenote: i love tiny serving containers.  i just do.  whatever.  don't be concerned.)  

we need to implement some type of rating system.  let's just say for now, this was damn good.  we'll be headed back for dinner soon.  patios in the fall are just as awesome and i can imagine everything else on the menu is as well. 

good food.  good friends.  good day.  supporting local biz.  you know how we do.  
now, go check it out for yourself:

Gram & Dun
600 Ward Parkway
Kansas City MO 64112 
ph. 816-389-2900

and try one of the other spots in the family:  urban table  &  BRGR 

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