Wednesday, August 22, 2012

try me: KSEAP&DC

what?  KSEAP & DC stands for kiehls superbly efficient anti-perspirant & deodorant cream.  and i know what you're thinking - is this really a post about underarm sweat?  and yes, it it.  or actually, it isn't, because this my friends is about how sweating no longer exists.  oh yes, i'm going there.

now i don't want to go into all the sticky details here, but its been like 1000 degrees all summer.  and even when it's not summer, i hate to sweat.  i also can't stand those ridiculous white marks that appear on 85% of my wardrobe that just so happens to be shades of black.

a friend told me about this product two years ago - and i was all "oh you pay that much for deodorant - how clever, you're insane." and promptly ignored her advice.  but every time i smeared the alleged "invisible solid" on another dry-clean only garment, or felt like my "secret" wasn't a secret anymore (if you know what i'm saying) i was thinking about her words of wisdom.

so about a month ago, on one of these 1000+ degree days, i hadn't even left the house yet and i was already thinking about a second shower.  so i went online and i bought it.  and i am never turning back.

the fact that it is a lotion is a little strange at first, but you get used to it.  and i am telling you - it works soooo well and you need soooo little.  i'm going to warn you the price is nothing to get excited about, but the results really are.  think about how much money you'll save on dry cleaning and how much face you'll save on never smelling like a foot.

you know we love a good bargain, but sometimes, a good product is worth investing in.

plus order now and get free shipping through 8/26!


  1. That is the BEST product ever. My husband and I both used it for years many years ago, but then in an effort to cut back on two tubes and the cost associated, we quit. We are seriously considering going back since it is so effective.

  2. is it weird that we love this product so much? i don't think so. thanks for sharing - i knew i couldn't be alone!


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