Thursday, September 20, 2012

insta-interior design

guest blogger: Erik Wullschelger 

I pride myself on being a creative, however home décor is not high on my list…Kelly harasses me about the yellow counter tops inside my kitchen (if I leave them long enough, they’ll come back in style) and our modest raised ranch is just comfortable enough to be called a home. Having said that, watching people like Evan and Kelly constantly change the look of their house is a motivating force regardless of who you are.

While décor is not my forte, it’s no secret that I am a gigantic geek…and I Love Instagram. I can’t help myself, those retro filters, artificial focal blurs and vignettes inspire the artist buried deep inside of my soul.

There’s a huge problem with Instagram though…once you snap a picture you like, they’re stuck in the digital ether. While it can be fun to share with my Facebook friends and Twitter followers, I wanted to remove the digital handcuffs from my images.  I recently found the perfect site to do just this.

Canvas Pop is an online printing service that promises high quality re-productions of your Instagram pictures (and other digital images).  Their “PicturePerfect” technology ensures no jagged pixels or image degradation…I just call it magic.

A quick trip to the Canvas Pop site will allow you to log in with your Instagram account, select the photos you want and order high quality 12”x12” or a gigantic 20”x20” canvas print. Processing and shipping takes a couple weeks, but it’s well worth the wait.

While hanging four of my favorite Instagram pictures above the couch in my living room won’t change the color scheme in my kitchen, it’s a nice touch when decorative types like Kelly and Evan come over for a cocktail.

Go now, don’t wait…the 12”x12” images are only $39 and they’re running a 25% off promo this week.

BONUS: $39 too much to spend on bringing your Instagram pictures into the real world? I’ve also had fantastic luck with Sticky Gram, a site that will ship you 9 magnets of your favorite shots for $15!

Erik Wullschleger is a self-proclaimed geek and marketing professional in the mobile industry. Check out his Blog and Instagram feed.

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  1. Love me some Instagram and some Erik! Thanks for the great post. My holiday shopping just got easier:)


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