Thursday, September 27, 2012

national pancake day...

... was yesterday.  i guess i missed the sticky memo.

but i didn't want to miss the opportunity to share an adorable little etsy shop i discovered while we were in boston last weekend.  check out little pancakes.

now in case you were wondering, no, i didn't waste any time perusing etsy while we had an entire city to explore.  this little online shop actually came to me - well sort of.

upon arriving at the sam adams brewery for our tour, we were greeted by a small art festival on the adjacent grounds...

and that's where i found little pancakes, in her little booth, and fell in love with every little morsel of her delicious designs.

i'm a sucker for gold-ish jewelry and i love that these are all handmade.  consider this pancake lover sold.  check out little pancakes on etsy and these other sweet spots i'm craving too...

really love this for the cooler months ahead:  russkk

need at least one of these:  line posters

something to save for:  swedish guy design 

found anything awesome on etsy lately? - share it with us.

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