Monday, September 10, 2012

stylist for a day

last thursday night, we swung by halls on the plaza to check out the festivities for fashion's night out and say hello to the mannequins i styled for the event.  having the opportunity to participate in this as a blogger/stylist was pretty awesome i have to say.  walking into a department store like halls and having free reign to pick out absolutely anything your heart desires is, i think, what dreams are made of.

at least some of mine are.

i tried to keep it real though and rather than completely losing my mind, i selected pieces i knew i would absolutely wear and invest in.  so i splurged on some fantastic tory burch jess leather knee high riding boots and remained true to my thrifty self with an affordable skirt by free people.  then i just paired other pieces i thought would make sound fashion investments like this incredibly soft marc new york leather jacket and added in a couple of simple - but cute - gold chains.

 here i am super cheesing with my headless lady friend...

and chatting up the president of halls, kelly cole. 

a close up shot of my new favorite necklace ...

and a few area bloggers joining in on the fun: megan of chasing davies, emily of handmaker of things, me, erin of pretty polished perfect, sandy of sandy a la mode & shea from bon chic bon gastronomique  shout out to all the bloggers who also styled for this event - well done ladies!  it was a lot of fun! 

a close up look at this marc new york leather jacket & hoodie combo, free people skirt and great yellow tribeca bag. 

and then it was onto the guys looks...

originally when i was approached by halls, i was just going to be styling a look for guys - which i was actually pretty excited about.  i had never even been into the men's department there, so it was fun to play in that world for a little while.  i knew before i even got there exactly what i wanted my guy to look like.  

my headless man friend was rockin' a great denim shirt and the burgundy jean trend for fall and of course a fantastic pair of specs.  i love it.  although evan may take some convincing.

and of course no party is complete without great music and delicious cocktails - both of which were on hand to assist shoppers in making any necessary investments.  i managed to walk away empty handed...

but as soon as that marc new york leather jacket/hoodie combo goes on sale - i will be heading back.  i'll need a souvenir to remember this experience you know.

now if only i could convince evan he needs some burgundy jeans for fall...

see more photos from this event by checking out halls on facebook:

and now for the news you have all been waiting for:  26 east is now on facebook.  i know - it's a miracle.  i can't decide what is more embarrassing - the fact that this is just now happening or the fact that when you go to that page, there are officially no friends yet or followers.  

after this event, i decided to put all of our differences aside facebook, and acknowledge that i have finally achieved my status of "officially the last person on earth who is not now nor have they ever been on facebook" and the blog has taken the plunge.  bear with us - we're learning - but you can find us there and "like us" and make us feel like a real contributing member of society.  

this is a big step.  we'll see how it goes.  this could work or it could be like the time i was on the no carb diet for 24 hours.  check it out and spare us the embarrassment please. :) 


  1. I love how you styled your "headless lady friend"--the hoodie under the jacket is my favorite part! FNO was so fun Thursday, and it was good to see you, even if it wasn't for very long :) Oh, and I'm now a FB fan!

    1. thanks shea! was great to see you as always! thanks for being a fan too - i have no idea how this works. :)

  2. loved your mannequins!! these KC events are soo fun! :)

    Sandy a la Mode

    1. thanks sandy! was great to see you! always have a great time at these events.

  3. Hi Kelly, so glad you found us! Your blog is awesome! Fashion's Night Out looked like so much fun. You did a fabulous job of styling! Hopefully we can attend next time!



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