Tuesday, September 4, 2012

shop with us: frankly basic

to get fashion week kicked off, i wanted to introduce you to my friend kris koenig. kris doesn't mind if you call him frank.  most people assume that's his name.  as the owner of the trendy brookside boutique frankly basic, it kind of comes with the territory.

i've seen kris on several occasions, but last week, i stopped in the store to get to know him and sandy - the official store mascot - a little better and talk about the expansion of frankly basic in kansas city.

i have to admit something: this is absolutely one of my favorite places to shop in town.  if you've been over to my instagram style page, you know i probably hit them up a little too often...but i just kind of think Fb is that good.

i once saw the store described as a cross between anthropolgie and jcrew - only way more affordable.  and as it turns out - that's right on the money.  do you want to cue the singing angels now or should i?

located in the crestwood shops just off brookside blvd. at 55th st., frankly basic is fully stocked with up- to-the-minute trends as well as the all important basics every wardrobe needs.

now, let's talk about the jewels. i really hesitated to give up my go-to secret here.  kris keeps some of the most unique jewelry in stock at really affordable prices -  and it never fails - when i wear a frankly basic piece, someone always asks about it.

see that turquoise number on the left?  yeah...i'm all over that.

second admission:  the hubs and i totally geeked out over their rad iron pipe shelving the first time we were in the store and had to recreate it at home.  (more on that in a later post...)

kris is set to open a second frankly basic location at the one nineteen shops in leawood and he recently added wishlist options to your shopping experience.  in other words, the holidays are right around the corner, so kris and his lovely staff are happy to take note of all your fashion faves and pass the word along to any inquiring minds.  be sure to ask about this the next time you're in the store.  

he'll also be doing a pretty cool promotion with hobo bags - are you a fan of their bags and wallets?  i know i sure am.  here's the scoop:

Starting September 14-30. Hobo and Frankly Basic will be teaming up to collect gently used handbags and then donate them to Dress for Success in Kansas City. In return, customers will receive a $50 coupon to use toward any hobo purchase over $198.

pretty sweet eh? 

the new leawood store will open the week of september 10th - but the brookside location is open now, so be sure to check out frankly basic on facebook or follow them on twitter for the latest updates including sales promotions and upcoming events.

and you'll also want to stay tuned because we'll be doing a giveaway with them later this week! (tip: follow us on twitter to get notified @twentysixeast)

and because you know we like to support local businesses as much as possible, it's now time to get to know your local biz owner with three questions starring kris koenig of frankly basic kc.  

drum roll please, kris....

  1. How did you end up here? What was the career path that lead you to this moment in time?
Graduated from KU in 2002 with a degree in Anthropology (no relation to Anthropologie, but maybe a little foreshadowing), moved to KC, worked in the mortgage business as well as American Century Investments Prior to opening Frankly Basic.
  1. Tell us about a time when owning your own business really freaked you out.
Most days…but the hardest was in 2009. The recession was really the best thing that could have happened to Frankly Basic. I was running the company poorly and the economy exaggerated that. I was forced to make tough decisions that lead to a successful business.
  1. You would tell anyone living in or visiting Kansas City that they must __________?
It’s clich√©, eat some BBQ! I personally like LC’s on Blue Parkway. Preferably they eat there after coming to Frankly Basic.

thanks kris for inviting our readers into the store and for taking some time to help us get to you know you better!  

it's fashion week in kansas city friends - go check out the new items for fall at frankly basic and get ready to add them to your stylish list of local faves. 

we want to hear from you - where are your favorite places to shop locally?  


  1. Great reminder to stop by there again soon! It's been too long!

    1. always love stopping in and always find something fun!

  2. I actually really love that store...I find that they indeed have great, basics.

    1. i really do like their prices too - i have found the same items at other boutiques around town for a lot more!

  3. Greetings! I'm a fairly new KC resident and brand new follower! I'm so excited to find a local blogger that has very similar taste to myself :)
    This boutique looks great, I can't wait to check it out! Thanks!

    1. Melissa - welcome to KC! so happy you found us and happy to introduce you to FB! Stay tuned - we'll be doing weekly highlights of some of our favorite businesses around town. hope to introduce you to lots of great stuff. email us anytime if we can help navigate the city!


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