Friday, September 21, 2012

the week in review

a few highlights of this past week...

the best part of the week: finding this incredible bouquet of flowers on my doorstep sunday morning.  many thanks to the incomparable emily of emmy-ray.  what a beautiful way to start off the week.

what i was most grateful for:  amazing friends - especially the ones who joined us for dinner at evan's happiest place on earth: oklahoma joe's bbq to celebrate his 30th birthday.  thanks friends.  we love you.

something awesome i found online: this polygone necklace in the trendiest color for fall...

something exciting that happened:  the love of my life turned the 'ole dirty 30!  welcome to this club people keep referencing.  hate to break it to you though - there doesn't appear to be any special perks involved, unless a few unruly gray hairs are your idea of fun. :)

we have a BIG! BIG! BIG! weekend planned - can't wait to tell you all about it next week.  hope you have a wonderful weekend!  

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