Thursday, January 19, 2012


If we loved having parties any more than we do, it would be scary.  And also very expensive.
The Rio inspired movie night bash was a hit and we’re pretty sure everyone had a great time.   I think we’ll make this movie night thing a tradition.  The kids really seem to enjoy it and I can’t think of any other way to get a room full of 6/7/8 year olds to sit quietly for 2 hours and still call it fun.   

You've already seen how overly excited the Jewel cake made us and we were even more excited about all the other details.  We found this year’s favors --- pink lily hair clips --- on Etsy through Dreamz Come Truee and ordered the feather boas online at  Each lily was .50 and the feather boas were 1.00 each.  I don’t know that you can find pseudo bird disguise party favors for less than $2 anywhere – so pretty pumped about that.

Other than that is was business as usually; popcorn, pink lemonade and enough sugar to take everyone from zero to 150 before their plates were clean.  Which is fine considering the majority of them went home right after cake. J

Also, a select few did get to spend the night marking the occasion as Alex's first official slumber party.
And even though the slumber ended for the group at 6 am, I awoke a bit later to find them all seated around the dining room table finishing up the cereal Alex had "cooked" for them. 

So as it turns out having a 7 year old is both shocking and rewarding.  I'm shocked that she is able to make breakfast for herself and others ---  and I feel like breakfast in bed rewards for mom are now a real possibility going forward.

Happy Birthday indeed! 

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