Monday, January 23, 2012

Where The Weird Things Are

Recently someone began a sentence to us with: “Hey, you guys like weird things, check this out…”

Now normally one might be offended by a statement like that, but as I digested her words for a moment, I realized, we do tend to lean more towards the unconventional and we certainly try not to take ourselves too seriously.  And although we’ve established a policy in our home to refer to things as “different” as opposed to “weird” there are just sometimes where that description fits best.  

Yesterday I was cruising one of the many blogs I follow and I honed in on a print that was showcased in someone’s home.

Awesome.  It’s just weird or different or whatever you want to call it enough to fit nicely into our decor and hilarious enough to compliment our often off-color sense of humor.   I realize the content is wildly inappropriate in a home with children, so I did some digging around online to determine if there were other, less murderous selections to choose from. 

You can see  the entire collection for yourself over at The Future Perfect and draw your own conclusions.  

After catching a glimpse of the price tag ($160???!!!) we have concluded these prints won’t be finding a spot in our home anyway, but that doesn't make them any less awesome to consider.   

Disappointment aside, we did find another item there to accomplish the same goal on a more "G-rated" level :

Yes, Animal Butt Magnets.  Perfect for children and those with a similar maturity level.  Totally weird. We’ll take ‘em!

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  1. Oh oh -- better not let a certain brother-in-law of yours see the alphabet picture or it might end up on the wall of a certain nephew!


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