Friday, January 13, 2012

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Seven year-olds have rough lives.  I know this because I have a seven year old and on Fridays I have two.  We pick up Alex's BFF Harry for school on Fridays and it's always an interesting ride.  Harry is a cute kid.  Super cute.  He is exactly what I imagine Alex would be had she been born a boy.  Sometimes I think they are exactly what having twins is like.


One of the coolest parts about parenting is watching your children hit different milestones along the way.  At this age, the conversations they have are ridiculously entertaining.

Alex:  Be lucky you aren't a girl Harry.  It's very painful.
Harry: What's so painful about it?  I never wanna be a girl anyway. 
Alex:  Everything is painful.  Like static in your hair.  Do you even know what that is? 
Harry:  Well do you even know how painful being a quarterback is?  
Alex:  No.
(voices begin to rise...)
Harry: What about a linebacker?  You don't even know that or anything about it. 
Alex: Well I know being a girl is harder!  You should get long hair and then you'll know how hard my life is. 
Harry: I already know all that.  My life is way harder than yours.

Should I chime in?  I think I could take both of them on...

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  1. I am sure glad my life isnt as hard as theirs, I only have problems like feeding 3 children, paying a mortgage, ect.


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