Tuesday, January 17, 2012

oopsie daisies

Do you ever have one of those embarrassing moments that you wish you could take back?  Ever do something that you didn't even realize you did until its too late?  Yeah, we had one of those yesterday. Luckily it was something we did online that could easily be remedied - but the damage was already done and the calls keep coming in...

You might have noticed our blog has a new look.  We switched over to the new Blogger interface/designer and have been trying to learn the new ins and outs of blog posting and editing.  In the process, we have also been updating some of our older posts changing out "after" pictures with more recent ones and adding links to other posts on our blog. We've even been conducting a pretty hefty marketing campaign linking our blog on other blogs around the web.

Yesterday, I was searching for a post I did about My friend Rachel's baby shower, that I had the honor of hosting, so I could link to it on another blog.

Seems harmless enough.

In the process of navigating through the new interface, I was learning about new search options and tried searching for the post I had done about Rachel's shower entitled: A Baby On The Way.

Eventually I found it, linked to it and we left for dinner.

Just after dinner I got a call from my parents.  They had seen the blog.  I asked if they liked what they saw, referring to the new look of course, but not realizing what they had actually seen.

If you stopped by 26 East yesterday around 6 pm CST, you might have thought we had some big news to share because this was the next post in line:

But when clicking on it to read more, that link went nowhere - not even to the details from Rachel's shower - so it looked as though we posted a little surprise!  

I assure you (and my folks!) that this was just a product of learning the new ropes of Blogger and definitely nothing more --- the error was promptly deleted. 

The good news is, at least we know people read the blog. :)  The bad?  Our faces sure are red and our phones won't stop ringing!    

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