Friday, April 20, 2012

the future is bright

i have made no secret about my love of all things warby parker.  i don't want to say i am "obsessed" or "follow everything they do" or "secretly wish they would call me and ask me to come work for them and just look at glasses all day, see how i look in them and then make up fun names for different styles" or anything like that --- but i like them.  a lot.

we ranked them as favorite new retailer in our 2011 year in review and they'll probably hold that title on through '12 if they keep up the chicness and all that philanthropy and whatnot.

i have been sending out prescription sunglasses wishes into the universe for about a year now and at long last my prayers have been answered.

i had some insider info that it was coming. they tweeted to me a few weeks back that they were available through phone orders, (we're sort of like besties i guess you could say) but they officially announced the launch of the line today and i have seen the light and it is uv protected by designer eyewear!

it might not seem like a huge deal, but i attempted to wear contacts for about three years and that story went a little something like this:

once up on a time there was a vision impaired princess who went to get contacts and then FAIL! FAIL! FAIL! FAIL! the end. 

good story right?  but as it turns out, this story has a happy ending after all and the princess no longer has to be seen driving around town in her eyeglasses with a pair of sunglasses worn over the top of them.  because that happens.  everyday.  and yes, i realize i could have purchased regular 'ole Rx sunglasses long before now, but they wouldn't have been nearly as stylish or as affordable or as goodwilled.

so i gotta say thank you wp for hearing my wishes, for making my day and for making me look like less of a moron.   your future is so bright i gotta wear prescription shades and i am thrilled about it.

oh and also, call me sometime or whatever...



  1. This is amazing news as I too have been that girl who has tried contacts, oh 3 times in my life and FAILED and have often worn sunglasses over my glasses while driving or just sunglasses and not able to see people at the pool, beach, etc.

  2. Me, too...I used to wear sunglasses over my regular glasses on occasion, and, EVERY TIME, Richard would say, "Hi, Six Eyes." (get kids used to mockingly be called "Four Eyes" if they had to wear glasses?? Hardee-har-har....yeah, Richard's joke just never got old!) Cute sunglasses!

  3. Kelly, what style glasses do you have? And, which sunglasses are you getting???


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