Monday, April 16, 2012

a girls gotta do...

what has two thumbs and loves a good theme party?  this girl.  

now that we have that out of the way, let's take a moment and talk about what we are affectionately calling "old people prom".  now that we have a school aged child, saturday evenings look less like shark bar in the power & light district and more like whatever school event is currently going on.  and we're fine with that.  it's like a rite of passage into parenthood and into your 30s.  

in keeping with that, i don't think that i mentioned that old people prom/evening in paris has a 1920s flappers and gangsters theme this year.  ready, set, insert lots of exclamation points here: !!!!!!!!  

it was like this tiny, tiny byline on the invitation that could have had catastrophic consequences had i not been wearing my glasses.   i freaking LOVE the 1920s and everything about feathers, flappers, fedoras, fringe and fisnets!!!  please don't even get me started on feathered head pieces. my heart can't take it at the moment.  

there are a number of things that i get unreasonably excited about and a good old fashioned theme party is just one of them so you know i am geeking out to my core right now.

i got annoyingly excited two weeks ago when i discovered this tidbit of themed information.  later that day i found a dress online and the internet basically held a 1920s gangster-style-pistol to my head and forced me to purchase it.  it was a terrifying ordeal, i assure you, but i made it out safe and better dressed.  

it is shipping from the UK and therefore taking entirely too long to get here.  it was the only one left in stock, happened to be in my size, had free shipping and get ready for this --- was 77% off, so you know i did what i had to do.  it's not like i had any choice in the matter. 

now, if it fits, you better believe the geek factor will be escalated to all out obnoxious level around here.  it's hard to imagine that it won't considering clearly all the stars were aligned on this particular day. 

i know i don't even have to mention how many times i am going to twirl around like a 5 year old.  it's going to happen.  and we're all going to have to be okay with that.  it might be old people prom, but I am still going to act like a child.  this event is about the kids after all. and feathers, and fringe and fishnets... 


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