Wednesday, April 4, 2012

procrastinating for a good cause

we've talked before about the annual fundraiser, evening in paris, that alex's school hosts each year.  it's a pretty solid event with some of the best restaurants in kc serving food, coupled with all-you-can-drink cocktails, semi-formal attire and a live auction that for the past two years has been pretty rowdy and down right hilarious.  it happens every april and we're looking forward to attending again in a few weeks.

this year i intend to purchase the winning raffle ticket that scores me the coveted vespa scooter that gets donated every year.  its gonna happen.  i have faith.

anyway... i agreed to organize the class project which will serve as an auction item and fundraising vehicle. coming up with something the kids can contribute to, that also has the potential to generate revenue, turned out to be a lot harder than i initially thought it would be.  don't get me wrong, the kids are incredibly creative, but i on the other hand didn't have any bright ideas to bring forth.

i think i agreed to take it on in december and it's due this coming friday so it's only fitting that i finally took some time over lunch today to go in and work on it with them.  hey, i said i would help but i never said anything about not waiting until the last possible second to do it.

the jury will be out for the next 48 hours and i'll be up for several of those tonight and tomorrow, but i think we have the start of something cool.  at least i hope we do.  it's not like there is any time left for it to NOT work out.

here is your first look and as always i'll post the final project when it's complete - unless it's a total disaster in which case you know the drill for this post:  delete delete delete.

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  1. Hmmm....I think I may recognize those shirts and cups......


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