Monday, April 9, 2012


my little brother isn't so little anymore.  he is graduating from college next month and like the true sister-of-the-year that i am, it occurred to me that i have never gone to visit him there in the past four.

going back to a college town to revisit ghosts of undergrad past is kind of like an out of body experience. i didn't go to the same college as he does, but everything i saw, resembled everything i had seen in a previous life.

i had this overwhelming desire to mentor every young college coed that stumbled upon me.  enjoy this while you can!  i thought i would tell them.  don't take yourself so seriously!  crossed my mind.  dump him!  is mostly what i wanted to say.

there is primarily the notion that you'll stick out like a sore thumb amidst the much younger and more restless crowd.  more than anything  i just wanted to watch, listen, take it all in and hope to God that when we made our next stop, the kind gentleman bouncer at the door, would ask to see my id.

i learned a couple of things during our trip back in time and thought they served as gentle guidelines going forward:

1. anything served in a fishbowl should be able to be plated with a side of vegetables

2. just because an establishment serves food until 4 am, doesn't mean its edible, digestible or a good idea

3. couches are for watching reality tv marathons.  hotel rooms are for overnight stays

4. red bull is still your friend and quite possibly the only way you'll still be awake for last call

5. the tootsie roll is a song that always takes you back

6. you don't know how, nor should you ever attempt to do the tootsie roll again

7. nothing, and i mean nothing, says i am not in college anymore like the shock and awe that comes from a $20 bar tab

8. when visiting a college town and uttering the phrase kids these days, note that you have officially and undeniably sealed your fate as: old

9.  nothing says i came to party like pulling a pack of baby wet ones out of your purse and sanitizing the bar table you just secured

10. returning to a college town takes you back to a time when the party never seemed to end; but returning to real life, gives you real relief, knowing those were nowhere near the best years of your life.

oh....and little brothers don't stay little for long.


  1. So glad you found this great picture to post! BTW, you look exactly the same...only a little older! :-) Precious baby brother! <3


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