Friday, April 6, 2012

religious fail

is anyone watching good christian bitches (GCB) on abc?  yeah, i'm not either.  speaking of them though, i spent the better part of my youth in catholic school.  actually, my entire youth from preschool until i headed off to college.  i mention this only to say that as i have grown older, my relationship with religion has obtained an unofficial status.  if i were on facebook,  i suppose i could classify this relationship as "it's complicated".  and that sounds about right.  when entering into holiday weekends such as this, those complications often slap me upside the easter bonnet.

i mentioned a while back that occasionally i have two seven-year-olds in my possession for the ride to school. not just any seven-year-olds, but the type of delinquents, if left to their own devices, might very well attempt to take over the world.  and succeed.  you could call them tweedle dee & tweedle too-smart-for-their-own-good.  or just alex & harry.  either way.

the harsh reality - that i am a far cry from a gcb - came when harry elected to share the easter story with us on a recent commute.   no pun intended, but he nailed it.  nice work harry's mom.

never one to be outdone, alex wanted to share the meaning of easter monday.  you know, easter monday, "that day when that girl jesus wasn't dead anymore up in canada."

we'll classify this as a "religious fail" and i'll assume a seat has been reserved for me "down south".

the good news is, we've expanded our geographical horizons to recognize other countries and their religious observations as well as their directional placement on a map.

canada is up.  plus 1!

jesus was not a girl.  minus 10.

so i have some work to do and clearly a religious relationship to repair.

religion is complicated.
parenting is complicated.
the story of easter doesn't have to be that complex.

i'll just do my best to explain it to her and how it all fits together with colored eggs and a mysterious rabbit who creeps around in the night.

it shouldn't be that hard for a smart girl like her and a good christian bitch like me.

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  1. #1 can't thank you enough for the Fridays when you transport the two evil genuis twins to school. #2 Jesus could have been a woman #3 wish we could take the credit for the Easter story, it's good ole' Lutheran daycare and Catholic school of religion for us heathens who didn't send our kids to Catholic school :)

    LOVE the BLOG


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