Monday, April 2, 2012

spring break-ation

 i think week long vacations from work and school and priorities should happen a lot more often.  this past week we took some time off while alex was on spring break and spent a few days in st. louis and a few days just enjoying the awesome spring weather and extra time together at home.

st. louis did not disappoint.  we decided to get really bold and allow alex to bring a friend on this trip knowing that it would be jam packed with kids activities that would be a lot more enjoyable with a cohort in tow.   turns out having a sidekick when you are an only child makes everyone have a lot more fun.  we'll be doing this from now on when we travel.

the zoo was great, butterfly house was rad, but it was the city museum that really stole the show. it's hard to put into words how extremely cool this place is - you kind of just have to see and experience it first hand, but let me just say for anyone planning a trip to the Lou, this is a must-see, must-do, must-at-least-stop-by-and-take-in.  it was over the top and unbelievable and we really loved spending the day there.

we got lucky with more incredible weather and that just added to the overall experience.  we didn't venture too far from home, but this trip was totally worth the drive and overall investment and i think we'll do it again sometime for sure.

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