Thursday, June 28, 2012

instagram of the day: a midsummer night's dream

um... where have we been?  we mosied (mossied? is this even a real word?) on over to the nelson the other night to see what this heart of america shakespeare festival is all about and it is definitely a thing.  like a big thing.  a production.  a free production no less and it was awesome.

we were embarrassingly unprepared. we had a tiny blanket (a towel basically) some bubble gum and a bottle of acqua panna.  a bottle of luke warm acqua panna i might add.  not even chilled.  people had lawn chairs, picnic baskets, wine, crackers and nutella!  no one mentioned anything about there being nutella!  i am pretty sure the people next to us had a damn martini shaker!

plus there were margaritas and funnel cakes for sale.

pardon me for a moment.


we didn't even bring our wallets!  if you had seen me there, i would have blamed it on my allergies or something like that, but i would have been lying.  those were real tears starting to form in my eyes.  i'm sorry margaritas.  telling you "no" hurt me more than it hurt you.  i promise.

despite our lack of supplies, we had a fab time and we will go back with wads of cash and nutella next time...and a blanket that more than one and half humans can comfortably fit on.

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