Friday, June 29, 2012

the roof is not on fire...

but the ceiling sure is HOT!

sometimes i get crazy ideas that cause my sweet husband to make eye contact with me, blink a couple of times and very sincerely shake his head no.  silly husband.  this only motivates me further.

like when i wanted to paint the dining room black and he wasn't entirely convinced.  or when i insisted that we dress up as jager bombs for halloween the year we met... tights ahead!!

he didn't think anyone would "get it".  (we now know that the only person confused by that ordeal was the little old fella at the hardware store who helped me find "bomb-making materials").  they were replicas! 

regardless, sometimes i wanna try something strange and it turns out cute.

but on this particular occasion all credit goes to the hubs.  

you see, i was getting pretty serious about wallpapered ceilings after finding a few awesome inspirations online, but i was having trouble committing to a pattern.  shocker.  then the suggestion for painting the ceiling black came about. 

i was a doubter. 

i probably even shook my head no.

but in the end, i did for him as he always does for me and i approved.  we were back in black.  and the results were better than expected:

the ceiling went black.  the walls went white. and we both nodded our heads in approval.  then we enjoyed some jager bombs.

just kidding....or am i?  

and speaking of bombs (major shift of topic here) last night i attended my first kc blogger meet up event at saks off 5th and it was the bomb dot com.  mainly because of the fellow kc bloggers i met, but the awesome yellow maxi skirt i snagged at a serious discount didn't hurt either.  

black ceilings.  yellow skirts.  style explosion everywhere.  and it's friday.  boom! 

(see the evolution of our home here)


  1. I love it! The black and white theme is refreshing.


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