Wednesday, June 6, 2012

one month later...

i realized yesterday that we never shared pictures from the awesome mother's day that we spent at the nelson art museum last month.  it was the perfect day - gorgeous weather - and plenty to do.

my loves started the day out right for me with a ridiculously cute card and a hope.  do i like zebras?  two hopes actually, do I like zebras and do i like zebras named "meaty" - you know i do.

since it was going to be such a beautiful day we grabbed a blanket, the world's greatest chai,  a to-go lunch from  the mixx, and found a great spot on the lawn at the nelson.

there was also something about "the world's largest picnic blanket" going on, so we got in on that...

i'm not 100% sure what was going on exactly, but it was a giant orange paint-a-pa-looza and then there was a world record of some sort involved.  i'm fuzzy on the details...

i'll look into and get back to you.

either way, a day filled with a lot of "world's".  my two favorite people in the world, one of my most favorite salads in the world,  for sure world's best chai latte, sunny skies, a zebra named meaty and something about orange paint that i am going to investigate further.

and because no celebration would be complete without cartwheels - some official cartwheel training also went down.  not the best in the world, but they get an a for effort:

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it's a little past due, but here's hoping all of the mother's out there had an equally as wonderful day filled with all the little things you love the world.


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