Friday, June 22, 2012

This Sucs

well actually, it's pretty freakin' amazing.

i became border-line obsessed with succulents two or three years ago and in that amount of time, haven't really been able to get enough of their weirdness.  when it came time to plan the 'ole i-dos last summer, i already knew these little water-retaining weirdos would rule the day.  

i wanted to offer up a tiny little plant to each of our guests as a parting gift/favor, but finding a good source for buying them in bulk - at my super stingy pre-set price point - proved to be impossible.  so we picked up several variations here and there and sprinkled the venue with their presence. 

why do i love them so?  let's review:  the best way to care for this plant is to basically ignore it and not water it much at all.  the first time i heard that mix of magic i was like --- oh i got this!  see, i already do that to every other plant i bring into the house and the result usually goes something like: 

day 1:   baby, look at my awesome new {insert plant name here}.
day 2:   yes i am taking care of my new {insert plant name here }.  
day 12:   baby, what's wrong with my {insert plant name here}?
day 20:  what do you mean did i water it?  of course i did...........
day 21:   plant funeral. 
day 22:  repeat

needless to say finding something as low maintenance as a succulent means i can enjoy them, forget they are even here, then remember they are here and --- bam! --- what do you know?  alive and thrivin' like a mo fo.   

so you can imagine my delight when my adorable husband found the holy grail of bulk succulents online and ordered us up a box of 36 different varieties.  ready for the part that doesn't suck suc?  they were just over $1 a pop!  what the what?!

man, what i would have done to find these little guys a year a go!  but they are here now and i couldn't be happier.  

now, i have to warn you, this is where i get really weird and totally spaz out over the cuteness of my new plant friends and provide you more photos than necessary of the planting process.

see how they arrive all bulk-like and popcorned?

surprisingly, completely intact and happy as sardines inside their Priority Mail box:

eeeeeeee that one has a cute little branch!

notice how hard i concentrate on their placement...

and how insane they look in those tiny little glass jars!

this is where you can almost hear my squeals:

and this where you shield your eyes from my super tan legs: 

and this is where i sprinkle them all over our house and proceed to love and ignore the crap out of them.

and this is where you get yours:

the end. 

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