Tuesday, June 26, 2012

lights, camera, action

a couple of weeks ago we posted a rather obscure looking photo of a spotlight-thing on our staircase, and the world stop turning while all inhabitants of earth awaited news on the mystery wattage.

well not really.  my dad asked about it, but i think that was all.

there was also this giant thing in the yard that a couple neighbors inquired about it, so we did manage to pique a few people's curiosities.

we did not buy a minivan.  i just want to say that.

anyway, a few weeks ago the pkd foundation, nationally headquartered right here in good 'ole kcmo, asked if we would be so kind as to lend them our staircase and entryway for the filming of their upcoming public service announcement.  we were happy (and flattered) and figured it would be a fun couple of hours shooting in our foyer.

well....about 48 hours prior to our staircase's big debut, we got the call from the lovely kristin at reliant studios (who i will seriously gush about in a minute) asking if, in addition to the steps, could they also use:

- a bathroom
- a kitchen
- a living room
- a dining room
- a kid's bedroom
- a master bedroom
- and a front yard

now, i don't know about your housekeeping standards, but on any given day, approximately zero rooms in our house are ever ready for their close up.  so we panicked a little (a lot) and did what any reasonable family would do:  we tossed a bunch of crap in another room, closed and locked that door, then pulled an all nighter of dusting, vacuuming and general de-cluttering.

the catch was, we were right in the middle of doing something drastic to the entryway (!!!) when we got the initial call.  so in addition to slipping into the early stages of a full blown hoarders episode, we postponed the entryway project and welcomed these ridiculously cool cats from reliant studios (cornhusker holler!) into our home.

now, before we share the pics from the shoot, i want to talk about reliant studios for two sentences.
1.  these dudes & dudette have talent
2.  you need to go check out some of the seriously important work that they are doing for a number of organizations including the pkdf and tiny hands international.
and 3. - this is a bonus sentence - we were in awe of their passion for what they do and we loved having them in our home.

and the pkd foundation, a cause we hold near and dear to our hearts, can't say enough about them.  we're painting ceilings and potting weird little plants over here, meanwhile they are out changing the world.  nbd. 

now for the pics:

rad right?  we got to do things like meet a really cool group of people from nebraska and lawrence, ks  (okay jayhawk holler too!) and sit around on our front porch with them and the pkdf marketing team "working" all day:

Image Search
Image Search

and then we got to play with their nice expensive camera lenses and do awesome stuff like this:

the actual commercial/psa won't be complete for another week or so, but when it's done we'll be sure to share.  until then, go check out reliant studios on twitter @reliantstudios and register to walk for pkd in kansas city, or in one of the other 50+ cities nationwide where a walk is happening this fall.


UPDATE: see the completed PSA here:


  1. Kelly - Thanks for making us look cool with your sweet photography skills...and for being so cool yourself!

    1. you guys have dramatically enhanced our coolness factor. :)


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