Friday, February 17, 2012


this isn't a topic that i am going to go into a lot of detail about.  mainly because my husband would not approve, but also because i would just embarrass myself.  i will however say that sometime around august of 2010 something very strange happened.  we were about to host a double engagement party in our home and we made the decision to install a new heating & cooling system.

and that is where i stop describing any of what happened next.  i will however say that since then, someone (it's not me) has become mildly (to put it very mildly) obsessed with HVAC systems and has been cutting holes in my walls.  i don't know exactly why it's happening or when it will all end, but for the past few months things have looked a little like this around here:

 i'm with the cat.  what in the world is going on here? and then out of nowhere this happened too....

huh?  this hunk of burning duct work love will be back later with more details.... for all of us...because seriously, i am dying to know too.

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