Monday, February 27, 2012

wild imagination

when alex asked me if i was interested in hearing about how she became a magical wolf from a far away dream world,  i responded like any reasonable parent would.  um.....duh!  and then i grabbed my camera to make sure whatever happened next was recorded and saved forever.  you know, in the event that we ever need to revisit this in say, 20 years.

a series of stories followed, were recorded and then uploaded to youtube.   i concluded our sit-down with an interview, just to be sure i had all the magical facts straight.

the wolf-interview is nearly seven minutes of you're life you'll never get back, but i think you'll agree, there are far worse ways to spend seven minutes.  i am willing to bet none of them are nearly as entertaining.

i ran out of storage space just as we were getting to dessert.  and in case you were wondering, she did eventually remember those tasty desserts wolves enjoy so much: snow-cones.  of course.

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