Tuesday, February 14, 2012

made with love

i know not everyone gets into valentines day, but we love, love, love it.  there is just something about making little love notes and handing out treats that makes you feel like a little kid again.  i love that feeling of getting ready for the class party and strategically placing that one special valentine card in the desk of someone special.  nothing over the top, just a little note and a simple treat, something special to say i'm thinking of you.    

i wonder how much longer alex will want to partake in this tradition?  i was trying to think of when i became too old for taking valentines to school and then i remembered, i never did.  this morning as i loaded alex's backpack with cards and suckers for friends in her class, i loaded my laptop bag with mini boxes of nerds for friends around the office.  we won't get to stop working at 2 pm and have cupcakes and make art projects, but at least a momentary sugar high in the board room will be in order. 

gotta love that. 

how about you? do you love valentines day?  what did you do for your valentine this year? 

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  1. I set up a very romantic night for my sweet hubby. He seemed to enjoy it! We had candle light, wine and music. Not to mention, 5 cats and a dog trying to join in on our evening! We enjoyed every minute. My hubby brought me home red roses yesterday, very unexpected! All in all, very wonderful!


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