Wednesday, February 15, 2012

instagram of the day

while i am still the last facebook hold-out on the planet, (i'm not convinced its gonna take off) instagram and twitter are my new things.  i know, welcome to the universe.  if you aren't using instagram, it's basically just a fun filter app for your iphone.  a way to take photos with an artsy-filter-y twist.

introducing a new feature here at 26 east: the instagram of the day.  you can of course find these shots and more by following us on twitter @twentysixeast, or just check in here to see a snapshot of our day.

today's instgram is technically yesterdays instagram, but you wouldn't have known that until i told you.  :)  so without further adieu, we give you: valentines day dinner-gram.

and it was delicious.  and fat free.

hey!  have you entered our contest yet?  it ends tomorrow.  what are you waiting for?  click here to enter!

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