Friday, March 23, 2012

drama queen

i've never been a big fan of over scheduling on children's activities.  we definitely want alex to be involved in group/team settings, but it's never been a driving force of our free time or weekends.  we gave gymnastics a whirl and ballet a twirl and no one flipped for either.  frankly, they flopped.  that's okay, we keep ourselves pretty busy and figured when she found something she was interested in, we'd give it a shot.

we got involved with girl scouts last year and that has provided her with a great extra curricular activity and she seems to really enjoy it, but she did still want to "practice" for something.

how about sports?  she couldn't be bothered.  that's fine and familiar.  so when she found out she could be in a drama group at school, and begged to be a part of it, we thought sure - we'll give it a try.  it didn't take long until the acting bug bit her hard and i can't say i'm entirely surprised.

she was a part of a thrilling performance of  "monster jr. high" last night and we presented her with a small plastic oscar in recognition of her efforts.  her director asked to see it, smiled proudly and told her if anyone deserved an award for drama, it was certainly her.

"see mom" she said.  "i am really good at drama now."
"you should be." i told her. "you've been practicing for a really long time."


  1. Vraiment un activité parfait!!!

  2. For the rest of the "commoners" out there like me Alex translated that as "really a perfect activity!!!" :)


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