Wednesday, March 21, 2012

the rest of the celebration

you didn't think we'd forget to detail the rest of the birthday celebratin' now did ya?

last friday was one of the most glorious days with temperatures in the mid to upper 70s.  it was a windows open, ceiling fans a-blazin', birds a-chirpin' like nobody's business kind of day.   it may have been the nicest birthday, weather-wise, in recent memory.  actually, it just might've been the nicest birthday period.

we spent the day tidying up around the house and finishing up last minute art projects in preparation for the party.  one thing i tell myself every single time we throw a shin-dig is that cleaning all day before a party is dumb when you know it's going to be completely trashed the next morning.  there is no way around it, it makes zero sense, but we do it anyway and even as i get older, that's a lesson i never seem to learn.

this birthday was filled with a lot of my favorite people and a lot of my favorite things, which is exactly the way birthdays should be celebrated.

the day started out so wonderful that i am willing to post a picture of me taken before the introduction of coffee and cosmetics.  my husband gifted me the birthday gift to end all birthday gifts...which i declared will cover me for the next 9 holidays and my 32nd & 33rd birthdays too.

that my friends is my new mac book air (!!!) and those are tears of joy.  awww yeah - it's about to get a lot more tech savvy up in here!  at least i think.  i'm not sure yet really, because i don't exactly know what to do with it yet per se, but i will.  soon.  i promise.

the rest of the day, i surrounded myself with everything i love including this ridiculously adorable $6 birthday gift i treated myself to.  his name is XYZeebs and he is amazing:

and it wouldn't be a celebration around our house if it didn't include ice-cold boulevard beer; a seasonal treat of irish ale was on hand for guests to enjoy...

add in our favorite foods...

(chip tested.  chip approved.) 

and my ultimate favorite cocktail....

some super thoughtful gifts...

and lots of great (and adorable) friends...

and playing catchphrase on the porch into the wee hours of the morning...

...and you have yourself the perfect way to celebrate another year of life on earth.  i honestly can't think of a better way to celebrate than cramming so much awesomeness into a single day.

for the record, the girls' team won.  no matter what you heard or what anyone else says.


  1. Absolute fabrication of the truth....boys team was undefeated.

  2. You read it, Erik...."no matter what you heard or what anyone else says." Yay....go, Girls!! :-D


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