Monday, March 19, 2012

an early birthday

since alex wasn't around on my actual birthday, we kicked off the celebration early on thursday night with dinner at our favorite local sushi joint.   and since the weather was absolutely perfect, we ate on the patio and i wore an awesome new hat that was custom made for me and contained a wealth of information that i personally didn't think was necessary, but how can you say no to such a dazzling piece?

dinner was excellent but dessert really took the cake - or the fondue.

much like the fondue in our amazing little pot, i completely melted down last year upon hitting the 30th birthday milestone.  this year however, things seemed to be much sweeter.  i was less distraught over another year going by so quickly and more content with life in general.

i don't really know why that is exactly, but i'll take it.

i also don't really know who was responsible for licking this plate and this spoon clean...

   ...but it was my birthday and as i am getting older i have decided i don't really need to explain myself to anyone.

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