Tuesday, March 6, 2012

what's for dinner?

i want to be a better cook.  seriously, its not hard and i do really enjoy cooking, but i never feel like i have an idea what i want to make, how to make it or how to make it taste restaurant-good.  we love food - like really, really love food and there isn't a whole lot that we don't like or wouldn't consider trying, but when it comes to making dinner, creative paralysis usually sets in and i revert back to three or four standbys; a number i think everyone in my household wishes would drastically increase.

coming up with recipes isn't the only problem, i don't want to just cook meals, i want to cook really healthy meals for my family  and working full time doesn't always give you the option to spend more than 30 minutes preparing anything -- forget about healthy options altogether.  i worked in restaurants for a number of years so i am well aware that restaurant food tastes so good because it is  loaded with tasty treats like: butter, butter, heavy cream, butter and cream.  i love all those things but i also really love things like skinny jeans and leggings, so you know where i'm going with that...

the best news for my impaired cooking has come in the form of kansas city's first trader joes being plopped down in a pretty convenient location for us.  i have worked with several trader joes all over the country for various events over the years and have always been a big fan of their no preservative/organic approach to food so finding simpler meal options is now an option and that makes everyone happier and healthier.  i'm finding some great recipes on their website too, complete with a shopping list for their stores and time friendly commitments.  with so many frozen and pre-prepared options, dinner around our house is easier than ever before and because of all natural ingredients, i can shake the guilt that often comes with taking the easy way out.  and the vegetarian options?  there are tons.  i wouldn't go so far as to say i am a better cook by any means, but at least we have a few more options on that short-list of go-to meals.

...now, making brussel sprouts delicious for a seven year old, that's another challenge all on it's own.

.... oh and speaking of food, we added a new page to our blog: eat with us to see some of our favorite local places to eat when we aren't cooking at home.


  1. Has Alex been introduced to Dad's Soup yet? Easy, inexpensive, healthy.

    1. John...I'm interested in this! Send along the recipe...or feel free to post it in another "Comment" if you're interested in world-wide-web gastronomical fame!! (fortune not guaranteed) ;)


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