Wednesday, March 14, 2012

update: this could be fun

this was not fun as a matter of fact.  this project officially began last night and how can i put this delicately?  it sucked!  let me just say i almost tossed it out the window --- like literally wanted to launch it onto the street and pray that it would be run over multiple times by massive semi trucks and bulldozers.  we have a neighbor who walks by our house with about 10-12 dogs and at one point i was wishing she would walk by, find it on the street and let each pooch take their turn ripping it to shreds.  but this morning, after not nearly enough sleep, it is 75% done and i'm feeling somewhat encouraged by my progress.  i would not however, attempt this ever again, but at this point, i can see the light.

stay tuned....

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  1. Oops, my last comment was meant to go under THIS blog post. :-)


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