Friday, March 2, 2012

world thinking day

the girl scouts are a pretty nifty bunch.  last weekend our little daisy participated in her second "world thinking day" event and if you can deal with mass amounts of grade school girls crammed into a relatively small church basement, then the event itself it actually pretty neat and quite educational.

each troop is asked to choose a country to represent and create a booth of information with facts, pictures and food samples to share.  our troop lucked out this year and france was available.  they all know a thing or two about the french.  the girls are then given a "passport" for collecting stamps from each country they visit where they are encouraged to jot down an interesting fact about that country or sample a native dish.  there is even a performance portion where each troop can demonstrate a song, dance or other cultural activity.  our group sang a song in french...i think it was about cabbage, but i can't be certain.  

most of the facts alex gathered only focused on the types of animals that could be found in each country, but hey, she learned something new nonetheless.  the girls will each get a badge for their participation but rewards can also be found in the expansion of their global awareness and the conversations that happen on the way home.

lessons & questions:  "mom, every country has people just like us that like animals and like to eat food and have moms and probably cats like meatball.  isn't that cool?  you don't even know how many people are in the world and  i bet they even like sponge bob.  do think everyone in the world likes sponge bob?"

hmmm.  is "no" the same in every language?

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