Tuesday, March 13, 2012

this could be fun

it's my birthday week - yep that's right, i declare the entire week!  i love birthdays and i especially love when it's mine.  so we're having a little get-to-gether this weekend to celebrate and that means a couple of things:  first it's already tuesday, which means i am sitting at my desk wondering when i'm ever going to find the time to clean the house before the weekend?

probably never.  so....i'm glad that's cleared up.

the next thing i am thinking about is what fun new project i can cram into the evening hours while i am also trying to do a million other things (because nothing motivates us to do something around the house like having a little soiree on the horizon).

so i have been wanting to try something kind of fun in our entryway and yesterday i finally found the inspiration (and confidence) i needed to attempt it.  like most of my hair-brained ideas, it took a little persuasion-power for the hubs to finally agree.  i was in need of his height, safety standards and general approval rating.  all of which were not easy to come by.  but eventually he caved.  score 2 points for the birthday-week girl!

this has both the potential of being really rad or a total disaster.  so in other words:  fun!

i estimate that it should take me about 4 hours to complete.  i can easily work on it while staying up way too late and watching international house hunters like we always do.  i offer no sneak peaks at this point, because in the event of total disaster-ness, i'll just delete this post and act like it never happened.  k?

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  1. You're killin' me here....now I'm REALLY curious to see your project! :-D


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